To be used together with a specific truck.
One cart - one truck truck.

Maximum truck fleet uptime

A battery change takes only 2-4 minutes.

Provides a safe working environment

Lockable castors that secures the position during battery change.

Battery latch that holds and secures the battery when moving.

Sturdy design

Strong and durable rollers in the battery bed.

Robust and stable construction.

Adjustable 20 mm in height to compensate for wear on the truck tires.


+Winch A winch makes the battery pulling easier and more ergonomic.

+Rail Rail-guided version to serve several trucks. The cart is used to transfer the batteries to the roller beds for charging.



Battery weight:
Battery roll-out height: 
max. 400 kg per battery
min. 110 mm

The truck’s battery compartment has to be equipped with a roller bed.


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