JOPRO Changer

Maximum truck fleet uptime

A battery change takes only 3-5 minutes.

Provides a safe working environment

The operator can stand on the platform throughout the whole battery change.

Good visibility during all operations.

Easy to use. One joystick with logical functions. “Dead man” on the lever.

Hydraulic locking device that secures the battery during transport.

Reliable operation

Powerful electromagnet that grips all batteries regardless surface condition and tray thickness.

Hydraulically controlled functions for stable operation and minimal wear.

Height adjustment and movement takes place with the help of a powered pallet truck.

To be mounted on any powered pallet truck with 1150 mm (or more) fork length.


+Lift 120-390 mm roll-out height.
To be able to change on reach trucks etc.

+Long Maximum battery length 1250 mm.

+Wide Maximum battery width 1000 mm.

+Height Other lower roll-out height.



Battery weight:
Battery measurements (lxw):
Battery roll-out height:
max. 2000 kg
max. 1050x600 mm
min. 120 mm
max. 240 mm

The truck's battery compartment has to be equipped with a roller bed.


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