About us

Jopro was founded in 1986 after recognizing the market demand for battery changing equipment, and based on the founders many years of experience in the battery industry.
Since then the business have been growing steadily but with an accelerated pace the last few years.

Jopro is still a family owned company in Sweden but since 2014 we have also started activities in Asia together with local dealers to be able to build both on our 29 years experience from Europe and on our local dealers' understanding of the local markets in Asia, and hence Jopro Asia Pte Ltd was officially founded in Singapore in the beginning of 2015.

In 2015 we started production in Thailand to be able to better serve our Asia Pacific market with adapted products and fast and flexible delivery times.

We are a very customer focused company, working hard to find the best solution adapted to each customer’s specific needs.


Throughout the last 30 years, the primary focus for Jopro, and our battery handling systems, has been the Swedish market. Here we have provided our products and services (such as assessments, installations and maintenance) to a large variety of companies, many of them large and well-known brands such as VOLVO, DHL, ERICSSON and IKEA.

Some of the larger installations we have done are within the grocery logistics market for strong Nordic brands such as ICA, COOP, and ARLA. In the Swedish market, we are a known and respected supplier for the majority of the truck and battery companies.

A few years ago we decided to expand our market, primarily to Denmark and Finland. Since then, we are happy about the results and we now have solid partnerships on those markets.

Apart from the Nordic market, Jopro has also made a couple of installations on the wider European market. Some years ago we manufactured and installed a system for AGVs in Spain and we have three fully automated battery exchange systems for AGVs in Ehingen in the Bayern region of Germany.

Jopro has so far been working in Asia with our partner Capaciton in Thailand as a base. In Bangkok, we have implemented several comprehensive solutions for battery handling for customers such as DHL, Big C, Linfox and Unilever.

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