JOPRO Automatic

Fully automated battery changing

JOPRO Automatic automatically changes AGV batteries. No operator is needed.
A battery change takes only 2-5 minutes.

Provides a safe working environment

The battery change takes place in an enclosed area behind a light curtain.

If any person tries to enter the changing area all system motion automatically stops.

JOPRO Automatic communicates with the AGV via a signal interface.

Complete operator compartment and controls allow for manual over-ride and operation if required.

Reliable operation

All functions are controlled by PLC and use the same technology as our proven JOPRO Transfer.

Laser and camera technology is used for positioning.



Battery weight:
Battery measurements (lxw):
Battery roll-out height:
max. 2000 kg
max. 1230x900 mm
min. 120 mm
max. 720 mm

The truck’s battery compartment has to be equipped with a roller bed.


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