Change-out battery dimensions

Provides a safe working environment

Easy to use manual battery changer to be mounted on a powered pallet truck.
For sideways battery change on pallet trucks.

  • A battery change only takes 3-5 minutes.

  • Good visibility during all operations.
  • Maximum truck fleet uptime

  • Provides a safe working environment

  • Reliable operation


  • Rubber buffers reduces wear when docking against the forklift and roller beds.
  • Hand-driven wheel to extract and insert the battery.
  • Signal pin that indicates that the battery is in locked position.
  • Locking pin Secures the battery during transport.
  • Chain Tension Adjustment stretches the chain that moves the electromagnet transporter.


Product specifications

  • Automatic locking device that secures the battery during transport.
  • Adjustable grip to handle batteries from 520 to 800 mm height.
  • Even with a low roll-out height of 95 mm, MiniChanger has big rollers (diameters 76 and 85 mm) for convenient battery transfer.
  • Height adjustment and movement takes place with the help of a powered pallet truck.

Download product sheet and manual as pdf

      Manual (850 kB)

      Data sheet (1.5 MB)