Change-out battery dimensions

Provides a safe working environment

  • Powerful electromagnet that grips all batteries regardless surface condition and tray thickness.


  • Easy to use. Two joysticks with logical functions. “Dead man” on both levers.



  • Hydraulically controlled functions for stable operation and minimal wear.

  • Robust and stable design that requires minimal service and maintenance

  • The driver is in the operator cage throughout the change.

  • Good visibility during all operations.


1200 mm height adjustment to reach battery compartments in two levels. Two level storage saves about 60% floor space compared to a one level system.


Two separate roller beds in JOPRO Transfer’s battery compartment. In two-shift operation it is possible for the operator to always leave and collect the battery from the same slot.

Product specifications

  • Roller Bed Rollers, outer pcs 8, Ø 76 mm, welded steel, slide bushings

  • Roller Bed Rollers, middle pcs 12, Ø 76 mm, galv. steel, roller bearings

  • Magnet Arm Support pcs 2, Ø 40 mm, polyurethane

  • Magnet Arm Wheels pcs 4, Ø 79,5 mm mast rollers

  • Power supply V AC 400

  • Electromagnet power W 480

  • Hydraulic power pack 10.1 cm3 deplacement, 140 bar

  • Hydraulic motors Orbit, 200 cm3 deplacement

  • Hydraulic lift cylinders Serial, 600/13001 mm stroke


Download product sheet and manual as pdf
  Brochure (417 kB)  
Manual (850 kB)